Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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The catering trays are unbelievably delicious and affordable for a large crowd! The chili is outstanding. All around amazing food and great service. — Catie T.

Ate there for the first time today based off of a suggestion from Einstein Hospital and was thoroughly impressed! Was created with a sample of Timmy D’s award winning chilli and loved it! Ultimately ordered a cheesesteak and loved it even though it wasn’t what they’re known for. The bread was fresh and overall flavor was really good. My fiance ordered the chicken cheesesteak and loved it as well. Her mom ordered an Italian hoagie and was very impressed. We left with a large serving of the chilli, a buffalo chicken sandwich, and one of the days specials. Very impressed and highly recommend anyone in the area check out Timmy D’s – you will not be disappointed! — Jeremy Z.

The food is absolutely delicious! First off, the deli is very clean. This really matters to me. The hoagies are satiable in addition Tim’s chile and hot sandwiches! — Diane J.

Today, I walked into Timmy D’s for my fix. I used to work as a paramedic in the Burholme area in the early 2000’s and we would go for lunch. The food was always great. They moved and I still try to get there from the Bristol area once in a while if I am in the area.
Today, I noticed a sign saying: write cards to veterans here. So I did. The young girl that served me (I believe her name was Tori), told me that she was doing the holiday cards for veterans. She says she believed that all veterans deserve respect and that she wanted to send cards overseas. Then she said that she came up with the idea to send cards to the veterans in the VA that had no family.
You see Tim. I am a veteran and support the community, especially the brothers and sisters that are stuck in a home w/o family or friends. This touched me because a young person was attempting to brighten a few lives in some uncertain times. Kudos to you Tim, your deli and especially that young girl, Tori for making an conscious effort to do right. Well done…. — L. Shore

If you want the best freaking sandwich on the planet EARTH go to Timmy D’S — Barry B.

Awesome hoagie (or submarine style) sandwiches using only Boars Heads meats and cheeses and Sarcones bread, how you gonna top that¡?! Unbelievable Chili and soup made from scratch. Friendly, caring staff. A delightful, clean location. A MUST visit!!!!# — Yohooty L.